Cliff Nesting Raptor Closures February 1 – July 31

The following areas are closed from February 1 – July 31 to protect cliff nesting raptors:

Flagstaff Mountain, the north side of Flagstaff Mountain. The Boy Scout Trail remains open.
May’s Point cliff, May’s Point Trail will remain open.
Third Flatiron, including Queen Anne’s Head, W.C Fields Pinnacle, 1911 Gully and the Ghetto, the East Bench & West Bench, the East & West Ironing Boards, The Fin, Green Thumb and Jaws.
Skunk Canyon, including Ridges 2, 3 and 4, the Aechean Pronouncement, the Dreadnaught, the North Ridge and the entirety of Sacred Cliffs.
The Back Porch and The Box.
Bear Creek Spire and Der Freischutz, including Frankenstein’s Castle, The Bubble, Der Freischutz, Southern Dinosaur Egg, Northern Dinosaur Egg, north of Bear Canyon Trail (the designated Bear Canyon hiking trail remains open).
Fern Canyon, north of the Fern Canyon Trail, including the Nebel Horn Ridge, East Ridge, the Goose and the Goose Eggs (the designated Fern Canyon hiking trail remains open).
The Sphinx and The Wings
Shadow Canyon and the Matron: The Maiden remains open and accessible from the east; Shadow Canyon Trail remains open.

The entire Mickey Mouse wall, including South Tower, North Tower, Central Tower, Ship’s Prow, Wall of Shiva’s Dance, The Gargoyle, the East Face and Cryptic Crags.

Industrial Wall is also included in the Closures

Please respect the closures.

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