Paul Glover

This organism, now approaching elderly putrescence, has been crawling around on the Fountain Formation since its deep prepubescence, yet the mundane trivialities of its biomechanical endeavors will not be elaborated, since its personal climbing history is as irrelevant as that of every other self-indulgent rock fondler. As a member of the FHRC, the primary concern for this organism is climber safety, that fixed protection, i.e. a bolt, is sunk in sound stone, will remain reliable over time, will be punctually updated when needed, is situated to best reduce the risk of injure from a fall, and is thoughtfully located for access by climbers of varying statures. This organism rejects any archaic, pitifully simplistic ground-up ethic, or retrograde doctrine of a strict adherence to mobile protection only. It as well could not care less who the first ascensionist was, believing said person has no right of ownership to “their” route (discerning a path of weakness up a rock, or even an immense orogenic structure, requires minimal intellect. Get over yourself. Your name only wastes paper in some guidebook), yet the first ascensionist is responsible for placing fixed protection of the highest quality, ideally employed per the criteria stated above, as well as the thorough removal of loose, threatening blocks, and friable holds

photo of the organism in his environment taken by Jim Thornburg