Anchor Upgrades in Skunk Canyon

On September 17th, the FCC will be holding a volunteer bolt replacement effort in Skunk Canyon.  There are a couple of older single bolt anchors that we would like to update to modern standards and there is also one new bolted rappel anchor being proposed to replace dangerous slung blocks.  OSMP has tentatively approved these anchors, but we still wish to put them through our public review process. Please comment…


There are 4 routes that share 3 single bolt anchors.  We would like to upgrade each of the single bolt anchors to standard 2 bolt anchor.  The East Side 5.11d and South Arete 5.10b both share a single bolt anchor.  The South Face 5.12a also has a single bolt anchor.  Roto-Router has a single hangerless bolt anchor.

Achaean Pronouncement

A new bolted rappel anchor has been proposed to replace webbing on loose blocks at the summit of the formation.  The FCC has been compiling a list formations in need of new anchors, and this one made the top 3 most dangerous list.