Dinosaur Rock and Der Zerkle Trail Day

On July 8th and 9th, the FCC and OSMP hosted a volunteer trail project at Dinosaur Rock and Der Zerkle in the Flatirons west of Boulder.  The event was a BIG success and the climbing areas and trails got some much needed improvements.  Some of our accomplishments include:

– Installation of 5 gabions to create a flat, stable staging area at the base of the Dinosaur Rock. The east face of the gabions was camouflaged with fallen timber from the area and the surface was filled in with dirt and small rocks. Most volunteers agree that hauling rocks for 1-2 days to fill the gabions was brutal, but totally worth it. It looks fantastic!

– Construction of 15+ steps and flat staging areas at the Der Zerkle climbing wall.

– Elimination and restoration of multiple social trails along the Mallory Cave trail.

It was a great time and a productive event. The pictures below capture some of the work and accomplishments. A big thanks to OSMP and all the volunteers for making this such a success!