Viral particles are colorized purple in this color-enhanced transmission electron micrograph from a COVID-19 patient in the United States

Dear Climbing Community

In an attempt to “Flatten the Curve”  The state of Colorado has issued a restrictive statewide Stay-at-Home order effective March 26.

This order is the latest government attempt to prevent the spread of the novel corona virus and supersedes the City of Boulder’s own Shelter-in-Place order that was issued on March 24.

Boulder city parks and open space areas remain open, but with the new order are only accessible to those that can access trailheads from their neighborhoods. Please maintain social distance when visiting our open spaces and stay home if you’re sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick.

While individual outdoor recreation is possible, rock climbing at this time is not advisable and we support calls by the Access Fund and the Boulder Climbing Community to refrain from climbing until this pandemic is under control at the local level. Many of our fellow climbers are nurses, doctors and first responders acting as the front line of defense against this pandemic, so lets support them by not contributing further to the spread of the virus and avoiding accidents that require rescue or emergency room visits.

Here are some additional recommendations

Thank you,

The Flatirons Climbing Council