Raptor closure of Der Freischutz and surrounding formations

OSMP is enacting a closure to protect cliff nesting raptors at Der Freischutz on Dinosaur Mountain.  The closure also includes Frankenstein’s Castle, the Bubble and the Dinosaur Eggs formations.

On April 26, 2017, OSMP staff and volunteers observed that the prairie falcon pair that typically occupies Bear Creek Spire had re-located to the Der Freischutz formation.

The pair’s timing is in the ball park that if they succeed and fledge young, the formation will open on or about July 31st.

As a result of the move, OSMP is lifting the closure for Bear Creek Spire.

Those approaching Overhang Rock from Mallory Cave trail will need to approach from Bear Creek Spire going forward, or until Bear Canyon trail is re-opened.

See map of closure area here or below.