2018 Flagstaff Trash Bash!

Mark your calendars for 2018 Flagstaff TRASH BASH on Thursday, September 13! Recruit some friends and head to the summit to pick up trash, eat dinner, drink beverages, and win gear in the raffle. This year will have a silent auction for packs, ropes, gym memberships and much more! All proceeds will go to the FCC – Flatirons Climbing Council and Boulder Climbing Community.

This year includes a special multi-media presentation by pro climber, Paul Robinson!

Thursday, September 13th
Sign up begins at 4:30, Flagstaff Mountain Summit
To get there, go about 3 miles up Flagstaff Road and go right toward Flagstaff Summit. Look for “Stone Shelter” just west of the parking lot.

Hosted by the Flatirons Climbing Council and Boulder Climbing Community in partnership with the City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks.

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Scan the QR code for online map or download a print version

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