New Bolt on Cardboard Cowboy, 5.11c

Dinosaur Mountain, The Hand
Application date: 9/15/09

Information from the applicant:
The applicant proposes to add one bolt route to the existing route Cardboard Cowboy, located on the south face of The Hand, Dinosaur Mountain. This would be the final bolt on the climb before reaching the anchors and will eliminate the current 20-foot, 5.11a runout to the anchors. The first ascentionist has granted approval to install the bolt that is being proposed here.

The first ascentionist has also received negative feedback concerning the current runout and long-fall potential, which entails a potentially dangerous fall (30’ fall only 40’ off the ground).

In light of the difficulty level of the unprotected terrain relative to the route’s overall difficulty, the applicant and other climbers who have climbed the route suggest the addition of the proposed bolt. There is no option for traditional gear to protect this area. The route was initially installed on rappel.

FHRC Overview of the application: Complete
Voting Results: Approved
OSMP Decision: Pending

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