Formations Open to Bolting

This list was updated with additional formations in May 2017.   A map of all permitted formations for bolting can be found here.

Gregory Canyon Amphitheater 

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Ginseng Pinnacles  (does not include Gregory or Fifth Pinnacle)

Third Flatiron

  • North Wall
  • West Wall
  • South Wall:  Saturday’s Folly to Southwest Chimney
  • South Wall:  maximum of two routes on the following formations:
    • Ghetto Bouldering area
    • WC Fields Pinnacle
    • Queen Anne’s Head
    • 1911 Gully
    • Third Flatironette

Sacred Cliffs

  • Name Game Rock
  • Name Game Area
  • Arch
  • Main Cliff
  • Cuban Tower

Hillbilly Rock

Skunk Canyon

  • Ridge One

Dinosaur Mountain 

  • Der Zerkle – the West and South sides
  • Red Devil – South side
  • The Box – West and North sides
  • Finger Flatiron – North and south sides
  • The Hand – West side
  • Der Freischutz – West side
  • Dinosaur Rock

Bear Canyon

  • Overhang Rock
  • Bear Creek Spire

Seal Rock – North and South sides

Fern Canyon

  • The Goose
  • Fiddlehead
  • The Slab – West side

Shanahan Crag

Devil’s Advocate (2 route cap)

The Matron (2 route cap)

The Maiden (2 route cap)

Mickey Mouse Wall (2 route cap)