Covid-19 Guidance Update May 15, 2020

Dear Climbing community

The City of Boulder has implemented new measures effective May 9 for reopening commerce while advocating that it is “Safer at Home”.  Recreation and exercise are possible during this time with proper safety measures and by adhering to the new Boulder County Public Health Order requiring Facial Coverings in Public.


We have listened to the health experts, local authorities and leading outdoor recreation organizations and based on their collective advice we recommend that if you decide to recreate in the Flatirons please follow these simple rules:

  1. Stay home if feeling sick and follow the CDC guidelines for when to return to regular activities.
  2. Keep your group small and if possible, recreate with others in your household.
  3. Develop alternate plans if your trailhead or destination area are crowded and you are not able to maintain a minimum distance of six feet from other groups.
  4. Recreate early or later in the day to avoid crowds.
  5. Stay on trail and wear a face covering when approaching others within six feet.
  6. Limit the number of climbing partners for the foreseeable future. If possible, travel separately to the crag if you are not in the same household.
  7. At the climbing crag keep a minimum six-foot distance from others and wear a face covering in the presence of anyone within the minimum distance.
  8. Treat all surfaces as being potentially contaminated: do not touch your face and maintain proper hygiene by using hand sanitizer after each use of common gear. Wash your hands with soap and water when feasible.
  9. Consider using separate ropes or plan to use different ends of the rope for each climber. Use belay gloves.
  10. Leave if the crag becomes crowded and you are not able to maintain the six-foot separation from other groups.
  11. Dial down the risk factor to avoid an injury requiring emergency services.
  12. Be patient and courteous to others, this is a stressful time for most.
  13. Observe all OSMP trail and crag closures. Details available at


The Access Fund has more information on climbing safely during the pandemic:


Additional information on Covid-19 available from the City of Boulder:

and from Boulder County:


Thank you,

The Flatirons Climbing Council

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