North Face Rappel Route (Sea of Joy)

North Face Rappel Route (Sea of Joy): The often-used north-face rappel route, down the three-pitch climb Sea of Joy, has been updated (11/12) with stainless-steel hardware. Work completed by Terry Murphy. Info below:

  • P1 anchor – bolts and hangers (2 each)
  • P2 anchor – bolts (2); one hanger with double rappel rings, one hanger with quick-links and chain.
  • P3 – bolts and hangers (2 each); two existing chains and quick-links reattached to new bolts and hangers.

The P3 anchor is the standard summit rappel (162’ to ground). The P2 anchor (112’ to ground or 100’ with downclimbing) is used by parties rapping with one 60m rope—knotted rope-ends highly advised! The P1 anchors are off to the side of the rappel line, and hence were not updated with rappel hardware.